Flowers For New Beginnings – Flower That Means New Life

Flowers For New Beginnings

It can be intimidating to feel stuck in a life that requires endless struggle, continuous heartbreak, and consistent downfalls. But new beginnings can help you make a fresh start to cope better with tough circumstances.

Whether you have lost your loved one, got a new job, are celebrating a new year, or want to adopt a new lifestyle, you always need to make a fresh start. Plenty of flowers represent new beginnings you can gift yourself or someone else.

Flowers for new beginnings are Daffodil, Lily, Roses, Carnations, Chrysanthemums, Sunflower, and a lot more others we have enlisted for you. Give it a read to get answers to your queries before starting a new life. You can also read about 19 unique types of brown flowers in our blog.

A List of Flowers That Symbolize New Beginnings



Botanical Name: Narcissus

Daffodil is a common flower that symbolizes new beginnings. You can get these flowers in multiple colors, from white to off-white and yellow. According to a Chinese legend, the Daffodil symbolizes good luck for the home where it blooms, especially on new year’s eve.

It also depicts the symbol of prosperity and is perfect for giving as a present to make well wishes. So, to whoever you are sending Daffodils to, make sure to send a bunch of flowers instead of just one, which can be a sign of misfortune for some.

Note: Daffodil is the national flower of Wales, and it also symbolizes cancer charities in different countries.



Botanical Name: Lilium

Lilies are perennial flowering plants that mean new beginnings. Many of its species are native to Northern Hemisphere and in temperate climates. The flowers are in various colors, from white to pink, red, yellow, purple, and orange.

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Lilies also symbolize love, affection, and warmth and are often presented at funerals to depict the soul of the dead being restored to the innocent phase.

Note: Be careful with Lilies if you own a pet due to their toxicity to cats.

Lily of The Valley

Lily of The Valley

Botanical Name: Convallaria majalis

Native throughout Asia and Europe, the Lily of the valley is a sweet-scented, bell-shaped flower that symbolizes new life after loss. It is a herbaceous perennial flowering plant. These flowers are also considered flowers of fairies.

The Lily of the valley is the national flower of Finland and represents the return of happiness.

Note: Each part of this plant is poisonous, and its berries often attract children.



Botanical Name: Rosa

A perennial flowering plant, often restricted as a symbol of love and passion, also means purity and new beginnings. These flowers are commonly gifted at weddings to represent the significance of the new journey of life. Rose also means the start of a new relationship.

However, the white flower represents new beginnings. Due to its purity, the white rose is also gifted when a new baby is born.

Rose has a long cultural history from Ancient Greece to the Christianization of the Roman Empire, and it is also the floral emblem of the United States.

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Common Daisy

Common Daisy

Botanical Name: Bellis perennis

Daisy is also a new beginning flower that represents rebirth as the most significant phase of life. They are found in various colors, from white to dark purple shaded.

This flower also represents innocence and is the best gift for a new year, job, or relationship.  Daisies are also gifted to newborns at the start of the family’s life.

Though it is found worldwide, it originated in Europe. The flower also means loyalty.



Botanical Name: Dianthus caryophyllus

The flower has different meanings depending on its variant colors. White carnation represents good luck or best wishes to someone for new beginnings. The red carnation symbolizes socialism, while the light red carnation means admiration. Carnation is also the birth flower for people born in January.

Carnation is native to the Mediterranean countries of Croatia, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Spain, and Albania. The flowers are edible and have a clove-like flavor.

Calla Lily

Calla Lily

Botanical Name: Zantedeschia spp.

This extraordinarily beautiful flower is found in multiple colors, and the plant grows from rhizomes. Calla Lily also means new life, rebirth, elegance, and purity.

These flowers are best to send as a gift to some starting new life or trying to bring up change. You can gift this to a woman who will soon be a mother. In Greek culture, Calla Lily represents magnificent beauty.



Botanical Name: Dahlia

Dahlia is an herbaceous perennial plant abundantly found in Central America and Mexico. The plant reaches a height of up to 1.8 to 2.4 m. It is a flower that represents new beginnings. It also symbolizes love, devotion, dignity, and beauty.

In 1963, Dahlia was first introduced as the national flower of Mexico. Due to the variety of colors, each flower color has different meanings. White Dahlia represents rebirth and purity, while Green Dahlia depicts new beginnings and change.

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Botanical Name: Freesia

The herbaceous perennial plant has its origin in South Africa. Freesia has different meanings, such as friendship, Innocence, and trust. In the United States, Freesia is officially used as a symbol to commemorate the 7th wedding anniversary of a couple.

White and Yellow Freesia clearly represent new beginnings in life. The plant grows up to 4 to 16 inches tall.



Botanical Name: Gladiolus

The perennial flowering plant is well known for its tall and sword-like stalk, while flowers are trumpet-shaped and bloom in multiple colors. Gladiolus represents faithfulness, strength of character, and remembrance. Yellow and Orange Gladiolus symbolize well wishes and congratulations for starting something new.

These flowers are also gifted to celebrate buying a new home or getting a new job.



Botanical Name: Gardenia

This flowering plant belongs to the coffee family native to Madagascar, Asia, and Africa. Gardenia symbolizes innocence, joy, new life, and purity, while it is also a good sign to express affection and love.

You can send a bouquet as a wedding gift and use it to represent appreciation.



Botanical Name: Hyacinthus

Hyacinth is a perennial plant with fragrant flowers that mean new beginnings.  The plant is native to Eastern Mediterranean from the South of Turkey to Israel. The flowers are associated with spring and rebirth.

It symbolizes joy, forgiveness, and sincerity. According to some old tales of Zephyrus, Hyacinth conveys feelings of jealousy. However, purple Hyacinth is useful for sending as a gift to ask for forgiveness.



Botanical Name: Syringa

This flowering woody plant is native to the woodland of Europe and Eastern Asia. White Lilac means purity and innocence. The Purple Lilac represents spirituality. These edible plants are frequently used in baking and cooking to add flavor.

The Purple Lilac also symbolizes first love.



Botanical Name: Magnolia

The bowl or bell-shaped flowers grow on evergreen shrubs or deciduous trees. The colors vary from white to pink, yellow, green, and purple. Magnolia represents luck, stability, and new beginnings in the United States. White Magnolia symbolizes purity.

Pink means youth, joy, and innocence, while the purple and green Magnolia depicts well wishes and good luck.



Botanical Name: Paeonia

This flowering plant is native to Europe, Asia, and North America and grows 1 to 3 feet tall.  Peony symbolizes love, wealth, happiness, beauty, and romance. It is also gifted at events where there is a need to express goodwill, well wishes, and joy.

White Peony represents feelings of forgiveness or to make an apology. Pink Peony is associated with luck, prosperity, and celebrating new events in life.

Scorpion Grass

Scorpion Grass

Botanical Name: Myosotis

Scorpion Grass, also known as Forget-me-not, is a flowering plant native to Alaska and Dalsland. It is a symbol of love, respect, faithfulness, and fidelity.

The flower symbolizes remembrance by the people of Newfoundland and Labrador. It also symbolizes the past sufferings of the Armenian people.

Transvaal Daisy

Transvaal Daisy

Botanical Name: Gerbera

Gerbera daisies are found in wide color ranges, and it is hard to believe they are real. These perennial plants are planted in spring when the frost has passed.

Transvaal daisy represents purity, loyal love, innocence, and cheerfulness. It is also a symbol of new beginnings in life.

What Flowers Represent New Beginnings And New Life?

Numerous flowers represent new beginnings and new life, including white roses, Lotus, Daffodil, Calla Lily, Hypericum, Hazel, and Sunflowers.

Many other types of flowers are a sign of rebirth and purity. You can present these flowers to your loved ones to appreciate and wish them good luck for the new journey in their lives.


What Color Flower Is For New Beginnings?

The yellow flower is a highly popular color that represents joy, new beginnings, and happiness in different phases of life.

Whether it’s a new relationship or a new year celebration, these flowers are the best gift.

What Symbolizes A New Beginning?

A new moon or crescent moon symbolizes rebirth and new beginnings. People often prefer starting a new job, or journey, or setting a new goal in the initial days of nee mood.

What Flower Symbolizes A Fresh Start?

The White rose is the perfect symbol for a fresh start in life. It also represents reverence, innocence, and purity.

What Flowers Represent Change And Growth?

Delphinium flowers represent spiritual change and growth. Lilac is also a symbol of bringing change in life.

Wrapping Up

Choosing the right flowers to celebrate new beginnings in life is highly important. It is always good to end old boring cycles of life to take a fresh and new start, bringing prosperity, love, and fortune.

We hope the compiled list of flowers that mean new life will make your auspicious day memorable.

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